5 Things To Be Considered Before Buying Blazer For Men

By | January 27, 2017

The way diamond enhances the beauty of a woman; in the same way a blazer makes men look more handsome. A good blazer sets your personality apart from the crowd. Not only it enhances your looks but also shows a good amount of professionalism. It can be worn for special occasions like weddings, party, job interviews, and other occasions as well. But before you go ahead and buy a blazer, you must keep a few considerations in mind mentioned below.


Undoubtedly the first thing you look in a blazer before buying it is its fitting. How well it fits tells how easy it is to carry. To prevent wastage of time and efforts by looking at the wrong size rack, ask the store attendant to measure your sleeves, chest, and shoulders. You can also get your size measured by going to your personal tailor and then inform the blazer store employee about your size and he/she will get you your perfect fit. So instead of opting for a wrong fitted blazer that dulls your personality, look for a perfect fit which will make you look amazing.


It’s really important to understand the purpose or the occasion for which you are looking to buy a blazer for men. If you have a wedding lined up for the weekend and you are going from one store to another to buy the perfect blazer for the occasion, then here’s where you are making a mistake. When buying a blazer, don’t just look at one occasion instead consider various occasions like job interviews, party, presentation at work etc. where you can wear the same blazer. It is recommended for you to buy a multi-purpose stylish blazer that can be worn for different occasions all year-round.


Price is one of the major factors that cannot be overlooked. We might have come across many people who bought a blazer at high price but it didn’t look like one. The quality of fabric and construction of the blazer is said to determine its price. Look for a blazer that comes at a reasonable price but stays with you for a long time. Be careful when buying a blazer, if you pick a cheap one then there are chances that the quality may worsen overnight or go out of style. So it’s better to buy a blazer that is priced a bit higher than normal so as to guarantee the quality and tailoring of the piece. Also you can check for good blazers on Gofynd Website.


Color is as important as the quality of blazer. We know that there is multitude of color options to choose from but what should be noted is a color that will go with any shirt, shoes or accessories you prefer to wear. If you are looking for an all purpose blazer, the color navy blue can be a perfect choice as it looks classic, sophisticated and versatile at the same time.


A good brand offers good quality. A well established company has a lot in store to offer its consumers like quality, style, versatility and a wide range of products. J Crew, Banana Republic, Raymond, Indochino, and Suit Supply are some of the leading blazer manufacturing companies that offer highly reliable blazers. Try any one of these brands for your blazer needs and witness your personality change.

The Last Words

These are some of the tips that you must surely consider before buying a blazer. These tips are even more important if you are buying a blazer for the first time. So, choose wisely and spend your money on the right blazer.